Public Relations

For destinations, perception is reality and how a place presents itself and reacts to external factors can make the difference between success and failure. We work with destinations to develop comprehensive communications plans that take advantage of the best case scenario while simultaneously preparing for the worst.

“We develop short and long-term objectives that support awareness and reputation management.”

A communication strategy cannot be reactive and must align carefully with the long-term goals of the destination. Development of communication pillars, theme, tone and key messages are critical in staying on-message and building a successful brand in the hearts and minds of consumers and the media.

Once a communications plan is in place, PR comes down to relationships. A single piece of positive press can be worth more than a destination’s entire annual advertising budget. Generating that positive media means fostering relationships and trust with journalists and bloggers and also having the ability to act quickly and be nimble when opportunities present themselves.

There’s no one recipe for an effective communications plan and each program we put together is highly customized to the unique needs of the destination. Some of the many tactics we may employ include:

  • Proactive Media Pitching
  • Reactive Media Response
  • Group and Individual Press Trips
  • Development of Press Materials
  • Website and Collateral Development
  • Media Coverage Monitoring and Analysis
  • Media Outreach
  • News Bureau
  • Influencer Programs
  • Blogger Outreach and Programming
  • SEO and Adwords Assistance
  • Interview Prep and Speaking Points