CornerSun Appointed Agency of Record for Malawi Department of Tourism

CornerSun will be focusing on crafting a market-entry strategy for Malawi that primarily measures the opportunity in the market and establishes presence for Malawi in North America alongside other African destinations that have flourished in recent years, such as South Africa.
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David DiGregorio Named to USTOA 2018 Associate Member Advisory Board

CornerSun’s Managing Director has once again been named to the United States Tour Operators Association Associate Member Advisory Group.
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greatlakessafarisUganda & Rwanda with Great Lakes Safaris

We are pleased to announce that CornerSun Destination Marketing is now handling US marketing and representation services for Great Lakes Safaris.
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Our Mission

People travel for a variety of reasons: to escape, explore, understand and participate. But at the core of the experience lies the destination — the place that hands something to the traveler to keep forever and share with others.

Our mission is to help destinations and organizations put in place strategies and programs that will best tell their unique story and become an inviting host for visitors no matter the purpose of their journey.

“We help destinations differentiate themselves from their competitors for future growth in a dynamic travel and tourism world market.”

Tourism Board and Destination management organizations (DMOs) are often the only advocates for a holistic tourism industry; and in this role they ensure tourism’s positive impacts on the environment and local communities as well as the sharing of opportunities for a vibrant exchange of people.

We support and assist the tourism industry of each country in need of developing their own plans for growth. We promote strategic alignment and partnership around a common vision of successful and sustainable promotion of tourism.

A Focus on Africa

Now, more than any other time, is the moment for pursuing tourism as a dynamic development option in Africa. For the African countries who still need to properly embrace tourism, the only way for a successful outcome is when tourism is integrated into every part of society, and both government and population have a role to play.

“Africa’s tourism potential is real and now is the time to harness the continent’s staggering wealth of unique tourism opportunities.”

The challenge is to seek opportunities to extend the access to market for less-developed area in Africa. In part, this would include developing products to encourage international tourists to increase the average number of places visited on a trip – or to return to visit new and different places. New research suggests that with effective planning and development, Africa’s Tourism Industry could create 3.8 million new jobs over the next 10 years.